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Saxlingham Nethergate

C of E VC Primary School

A member of the Tas Valley Church Schools Federation

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

Views from Our School Community

During the Spring Term 2022, we have been revisiting the vision for our Federation.  This is what our children say about their school:


What is special about our school?  

  • You get to see your friends every day and help the Reception children. 

  • We are lucky to have teachers who help us. 

  • Everybody plays together. 

  • We look after our things. 

  • We are all kind to one another. 

  • We have lovely countryside around us. 

  • We learn lots of different things. 

  • We have lots of opportunities. 

  • We have a big field. 

  • Our school is eco-friendly. 


How does school help us to live life to the full? 

  • School gives us a good education and helps us to make lots of friends. 

  • School helps us to learn and try our best at everything. 

  • We do art every week. 

  • The teachers help us learn and that will help us to do our jobs when we are bigger. 

  • We get smarter every day. 

  • We are empathetic and kind. 

  • We know how to look after the world and our planet. 

  • We can make mistakes and it’s ok. 


If a child was looking for a new school, why would you tell them to come to our school? 

  • Our school is amazing with amazing teachers who want you to listen and learn – you will like it! 

  • We have cool toys and learning equipment. 

  • We have lots of fun and we make friends easily. 

  • We get to learn violin and do outdoor learning. 

  • We learn sign language. 

  • We are kind to each other and the children will be your friend. 

  • It’s a kind school. 

  • It’s the best school in the world. 


What do you think the teachers are aiming for? 

  • For everybody to have a good education and a good life. 

  • To help us to be good learners. 

  • To have a good heart. 

  • To help us to be independent. 

  • To make us into the best people we can be. 

  • To help us to be kind, caring and helpful. 

  • To make our lives better. 

  • To teach us to care for others. 


Why do you think Collective Worship is Important? 

  • We think about God. 

  • We learn about the Bible. 

  • We learn about Jesus. 

  • We pray together and sing together. 

  • Open the Book have a ginormous amount of clothes! 

  • We learn different things. 

  • We get to see everybody all together from the whole school.. 

  • It helps us to reflect.


How could we improve our school? 

  • We'd like a football club and to be allowed on the grass all year round. 

  • We’d like an art club. 

  • We’d like to make our school even more eco-friendly – we could get solar panels. 

  • We’d like a bigger climbing frame. 

  • We’d like to do more gardening. 

  • We’d like to do more sports. 


Is there anything else you would like people to know about our school? 

  • We are a Christian school. 

  • The teachers are very nice and thoughtful. 

  • We have a lovely garden. 

  • Every day is special. 

  • It’s great and exciting!