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Saxlingham Nethergate

C of E VC Primary School

A member of the Tas Valley Church Schools Federation

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

Visions and Values

We are passionate about building high expectations and aspirations, whilst making time to celebrate the many achievements of our pupils and school. We create a nurturing environment with a family ethos, where each child can thrive, excel and enjoy learning. School life will increase our pupils’ independence and resilience, creating big horizons, so all children can feel confident and excited about their future.


The staff, parents and governors will encourage each and every child in all aspects of their learning by:

  • working together as a team to create a safe, friendly, supportive and caring school that values everyone, as well as placing no ceiling on any individual’s expectations
  • encouraging respect for others, building self-esteem within an environment which is caring, stimulating and challenging
  • helping children to gain an understanding of the meaning of faith and Christian values.
  • enhancing well-being and learning through exploration and discovery of our beautiful natural surroundings to support mental and physical health and development
  • providing a broad, balanced and enhanced curriculum, which excites and inspires, developing in each child potential, aspirations, initiative, confidence and independence
  • ensuring smooth progression through each stage of their education
  • catering for all abilities, needs and cultures, ensuring children value their own and others’ differences and achievements
  • promoting curiosity and enthusiasm alongside logical and creative thinking


Our school’s vision is a shared vision, developed through consultation with children, parents, staff and governors.

Children said they feel confident about their future and that there is a friendly, caring atmosphere within school.

Parents appreciate the way the school is safe and nurturing, meaning that children love to attend. They value the high academic standards.

Staff enjoy being able to place pupils at the centre of our provision, and feel valued and well-equipped to teach.

Governors value the work that staff team carry out on behalf of the children and parents as well as recognising the valuable links made to the community. Of particular note is the enhanced provision of experiences that go beyond the National Curriculum, enabling children to have a rich and varied experience.